02 avril 2007

THE CLARINET GANG klezmer/jazz/classique

Helmut Eisel, German Klezmer luminary from Germany, arrived to Safed, Israel to teach and take part in the “Clarinet and Klezmer in the Galilee Music Festival". It was the first workshop of its kind to combine clarinet teachings from all genres, mixing Jazz, classical and Klezmer. Musicians of various ages from throughout the world participated in this extraordinary week long festival. It was in this workshop that Helmut met his young colleague, David Orlowsky (klezmer clarinet, Germany), and together with Moran Katz (classical clarinet, Israel/USA), Michal Beit-Halachmi (classical clarinet/bass clarinet, Israel/USA) and Avi Avital (mandolin, Israel/Italy) performed during the week of the festival.
After an intensive week of playing together, as well as performing in several concerts, including an appearance at the Tel Aviv Opera House, it was a clear decision for Eisel that this stimulating collaboration between German Klezmer and Jewish Classical musicians brought these diverging cultures together. They developed an ititial repertoire consisting of classical music, klezmer and jazz. This eclectic group plays the works by well known composers like Bloch, Bartok, Piazzola, as well as performing original pieces by Eisel and Orlowsky, along with traditional klezmer and jazz standards.


Excerpts from the Romanian Dances by Bela Bartok

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