05 avril 2008

FREYLEKH JAMBOREE klezmer nippon


Freylekh Jamboree formed in 1999, is an impetuous band from Osaka, the 3rd town of Japan, playing klezmer and gypsy music. Not using any electrical instruments (the electric guitar player is participating as a guest player), the band's sound reminds one of nostalgic circus music and old jazz bands. With all the different backgrounds of the musicians from Ching-Dong (a Japanese advertising marching band), jazz, rock, pop, new Orleans, latin, musette, irish, to classical, and their free style performance, the band is able to create a distinctive world of their own. They are active on the streets, event spaces, and clubs in and around Osaka . “Nippon klezmer” is the 3rd album of this amazing group.


Nobuyuki Seto, clarinet
Kazunari Seto, trumpet
Tomoyuki Mihara, trombone
Tesshin Kaneko, soprano and tenor saxophone
Kasumi Shiraki, alto saxophone
Ryoko Yamaguchi, violin
Sachie Fujisawa, accordion
Mitsuji Kawamura, tuba



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